release v1.0

Release 1.0

We are proud to announce that last Friday the first stable Corryvreckan version 1.0, was officially released. The source code can be found in the repository.

If you would like to get started with Corryvreckan, please have a look at the extensive user manual as well as the doxygen code documentation.

If you are working on the analysis of your test beam data, we invite you to have a look at Corryvreckan, check out the examples, get to know the framework and configure your own analysis.

In case of issues, please make use of the Corryvreckan issue tracker or ask questions and take part in discussions with other users in the Corryvreckan forum.

A few of the main features of the Corryvreckan framework are:

Framework Infrastructure

  • Fully modular architecture allowing for easy customization
  • Easy to add new modules for new analysis, other detectors, etc.
  • Configuration in intuitive and flexible file format (based on TOML)
  • Easy-to-use description of detector geometry

Flexible Event Building

  • Combine devices with different readout schemes: data-driven, frame-based, and triggered
  • Include AIDA Trigger Logic Unit (TLU) as auxiliary device


  • Output of produced ROOT files with analysis histograms
  • EUDAQ2EventLoader module to read in data recorded with the EUDAQ2 data acquisition framework
  • Possibility to write out data files to reprocess within the framework later
  • Possibility to read in data files from Allpix Squared

Manual and Code Documentation

  • Full documentation and code reference available
  • High-quality code base with full continuous integration (CI) for extensive testing

We would like to express great thanks to all those who contributed and will keep you up to date regarding new features and patch releases. We would also be happy to receive any feedback or suggestions as well as contributions of any kind. The software is released under the MIT license, so it is free to use and can be modify to the user's needs.

Best wishes, Morag Williams, Jens Kroeger, Simon Spannagel