Patch Release 1.0.1

It has not even been a week since Corryvreckan Release 1.0. But we were not taking a rest so we can announce our first patch release comprising 13 commits. The release is available in the repository as of now.

The following issues have been fixed and improvements have been made:

  • Track class: bug fix, chi2 and chi2ndof can now be retrieved correctly when reading in a file with the [FileReader]

  • Testing:

    • additional CI tests for the [FileWriter] and for the [FileReader] have been added.
    • every test downloads only the required data set
    • allow a test not to have a defined dataset, but then the test needs a dependency
  • Docker Image:

    • update to new EUDAQ2 version 2.4.2
    • update to new Peary version 0.9.12