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Catalogue schema version 12

Joao Afonso requested to merge 140-add-new-repacking_disabled-state into catalogue_v12


This merge request contains all the changes expected for catalogue v12. It will be released as CTA version 4.7.10.

Version v4.7.10 will be tagged on top of the branch catalogue_v12, which is rebased on top of the last release v4.7.9-2. This will keep the release focused only on the catalogue schema changes.

The changes covered by this merge request are:

  • #135 (closed): Added EXPORTED and EXPORTED_PENDING states to catalogue
  • #131 (closed): Fix indexes on columns in CTA Catalogue which use LOWER()
  • #140 (closed): Added REPACKING_DISABLED state to catalogue
  • #137 (closed): Add a new column for the Key ID in the table TAPE_POOL
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