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Resolve "Refactor operations cmd line tools to use common parsing logic"

Currently, the standalone operations cmd line tools use similar and duplicated code to parse cmd line options. A common tool for parsing these standalone tools(restore_files, change_storage_class, cta_send_event, cta_verify_file) is therefore preferred. The tool should also handle correct usage outputs and error handling when wrong options are included or when required options are not included.

  • create folder standalone_operations_cmd_line_tools
  • add restore_files, cta_send_event, cta_verify_file source files to this folder
  • create sub folder common which will include the parsing tool
  • make necessary changes for each tool to make them work with the common parsing tool
  • change validation to fit the new parsing for each tool
  • add test for restore file tool

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Solves issue #146 (closed)

Edited by Lasse Tjernaes Wardenaer

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