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Fix for pssh

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Name: eos-docker-utils
Version: 1.0.10
Version: 1.0.11
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: EOS docker utils
License: LGPL v3+
......@@ -53,30 +53,37 @@ function eosDockerSSHSetHosts() {
function eosDockerSSHStart() {
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_DOCKER_SSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker start _single
echo "Starting eos docker ..."
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_PSSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker start _single
function eosDockerSSHStop() {
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_DOCKER_SSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker stop _single
echo "Stoping eos docker ..."
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_PSSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker stop _single
function eosDockerSSHClean() {
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_DOCKER_SSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker clean _single
echo "Cleaning eos docker ..."
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_PSSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker clean _single
function eosDockerSSHUpdate() {
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_DOCKER_SSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker update _single
echo "Updating eos docker ..."
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_PSSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker update _single
function eosDockerSSHPull() {
echo "Pulling eos docker ..."
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker pull _single
function eosDockerSSHFstDiskSync() {
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_DOCKER_SSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker disk-sync _single
echo "Doing disk-sync ..."
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_PSSH_N $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker disk-sync _single
function eosDockerSSHCheck() {
echo "Checking ssh connections ..."
$ED_PSSH_CMD $ED_ROOT_DIR/bin/eos-docker check _single
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