Commit fb8a94d5 authored by Georgios Bitzes's avatar Georgios Bitzes
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Update qclient with fixed QSet::sscan, add test

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Subproject commit 40feec72c5885042b65b047407e5fab91bbe9ee3
Subproject commit 256e5f51720eb543ac9c7f217dd46e2e70e823a0
......@@ -759,6 +759,10 @@ TEST_F(Raft_e2e, sscan) {
ASSERT_EQ(pair.first, "next:c");
ASSERT_EQ(pair.second, make_vec("a", "b"));
pair = qset.sscan(pair.first, 2);
ASSERT_EQ(pair.first, "next:e");
ASSERT_EQ(pair.second, make_vec("c", "d"));
QSet qset2(*tunnel(leaderID), "not-existing");
pair = qset2.sscan("0", 2);
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