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[WLCGPROB-256] Use SciTokens in HTCondor Job submission

Nacho Barrientos requested to merge wlcgprob256 into master

This is assuming that check_js can take both -x, inherited from here, and --token.

I thought that there was a qa and a master branch in these repos, but I see that the CI builds the QA image on every push to master and the production image is only built when the deploy:production job is triggered manually. Once this is merged a new ETF image should be available for deployment in (

Something else to do I imagine is to add the secrets here, something like:

    - etf_alice_ce
    - etf_alice_ce.key

so this can work. I'll submit a separate merge request.

The above is done in (I hadn't pulled grins)

Those blobs though have to be provided by ALICE and uploaded to Teigi, I assume?

Unclear yet to me what mirrors the OIDC agent configuration from /etc/grid-security/tokens (Puppet deployed) to /opt/omd/sites/etf/.oidc-agent inside the ETF container. It's not a volume and I didn't see anything in the entrypoint.

Clear now:

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