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Draft: Sweep

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge test_sweep into main

This sweep contains the following MRs:

  • !64583 HLTResultMT: store truncation in ROB status words ~Trigger
  • !64601 Generate ID trigger config on the top level also for the precision tracking ~Egamma, ~Trigger, ~TriggerID, ~TriggerMenu
  • !61235 Legacy jet slice with MenuSequenceCA wrapped ~Core, ~JetEtmiss, ~Reconstruction, ~Trigger, ~TriggerID, ~TriggerMenu, ~changes-trigger-counts
  • !64602 TrigEgamma Monitoring - removing duplicated photon chains ~DQ, ~Egamma, ~Trigger
  • !64171 Integration of RPD into ZdcAnalysis and ZdcNtuple ~ForwardDetectors
  • !64436 move track tests into common function ~Trigger, ~TriggerID
  • !64600 ATR-27996 Move HIP trigger to physics menu ((g0_hiptrt_L1eEM26M) ~Trigger, ~TriggerMenu, ~changes-trigger-counts
  • !64594 B-physics trigger: check the Reco::ITrackToVertex returns valid Trk::Perigee object (ATR-27912) ~Trigger
  • !64439 Adding necessary steps to move FastElectron to CA menu ~Egamma, ~Trigger, ~TriggerEDM, ~TriggerMenu
  • !64592 TrigHLTMonitoring: Fix cppcheck warning. ~DQ, ~Trigger
  • !64597 Revert "precision tracking+TRT in legacy converted from CA" ~Egamma, ~Trigger, ~TriggerID, ~TriggerMenu
  • !64350 Changes to ZdcRecRun3 to allow a list of analysis tools, based on... ~ForwardDetectors
  • !64475 Pixel monitoring: do not use legacy job properties ~DQ, ~InnerDetector
  • !64565 xAODTracking: Don't hide data member from cling. ~EDM

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