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Add support for unordered set properties

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/Gaudi:set_property into master

Change the Python type of std::unordered_set properties from list to set. Parsers only required minor updates and special treatment of the empty set, which can only be represented as set() in Python.

This will certainly break client code, i.e.

   MyAlg.ExtraInputs += ['foo']

will have to be updated to


For the moment only std::unordered_set is mapped to a Python set. Regular std::set remains as Python list to maintain insertion order.

For backwards compatibility, we allow implicit conversion from list, i.e. the following still works:

   MyAlg.ExtraInputs = ['foo']  # implicitly converted to {'foo'}

Apart from aligning the types in C++ and Python, this will also help in improving the performance of the merge operation in GaudiConfig2 for those properties. Currently, we use the OrderedSetSemantics to emulate "set" behavior, which is rather slow as it requires iteration over the list of values each time.

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