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Several fixes (BMK-3 and others) and improvements

Domenico Giordano requested to merge AV11fixes into qa

Ciao Domenico, here's my next batch of fixes, including

  • the bug fix for BMK-3 (truncated cvmfs trace file leading to missing json)
  • several bug fixes in the return codes of functions (where errors did not cause immediate exit)
  • the separation of CI yaml script into a separate, as discussed last week
  • a lot of comments in to describe what each function does, with which inputs and outputs (this is needed eventually to split this up into several jobs)
  • the addition of strace in the image and of the options to use it (commented out), this was useful as a cross check of cvmfs tracing to see which files are really needed
  • the optional addition of the CACHEBUST mechanism also for the workload images (commented out) Please merge and give it a try, but in principle it should work Thanks Andrea

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