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Workaround for BMK-1158: avoid SILENT failures of find_specfile

Andrea Valassi requested to merge valassi/hep-workloads:bmk1158 into BMK-1158

This is a horrible workaround for BMK-1158, to avoid silenet failures of find_specfile in the CI yaml.

It is horrible, because I believe the proper fix should be, eventually (not now), to rework the yaml and avoid multiline scripts. Specifically I would go back to the design in my older, see BMK-1159.

@giordano, this is not really urgent. And it is horrible. But I open the MR for the record. You may consider accepting it (will not harm) or closing it and we do BMK-1159 instead (which would probably undo a large part of this anyway).

It is not urgent because it probably will have zero impact when I remove the underlying issues (a missing madgraph2023 spec in my qa branch).

Anyway, up to you! Thanks Andrea

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