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Fix prefit extraction of Poisson priors

Marcel Rieger requested to merge flipped_posteriors into master

This PR consists of three parts.

  1. The extraction of prefit values from Poisson priors (usually added by combine in the form of MC stats. uncertainties below the event threshold) requires some preparation of the parameter in question which was missing so far. A recipe similar to that implemented in the harvester is now in place.
  2. The dimensions of box plots, i.e., plots with multiple point-like entries across the y-axis (limit points, 1D exclusion comparison, multi GOF and pulls/impacts) can be fully configured now using --pad-width, --left-margin, --right-margin, --entry-height and --label-size to fit the needs of different analysis channels.
  3. Labels of nuisances in pulls/impact plots can be translated using injectable rules via json or a custom function. See the updated docs for more info.

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