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Dummy model

Alexandra Carvalho Antunes De Oliveira requested to merge dummy_model into master

Use as --hh-model "model_dummy.model_dummy" in law command line

If model dummy

  • does not remove any process from the datacard
  • does not add physics model model in the t2w step
  • For points limits still divides by theory (HH datacards in developing analyses and HHH datacards in SM done using SM Xsec, so that still makes sense)

Tested with

  • PlotUpperLimitsAtPoint
  • PlotLikelihoodScan (for lik scan in r)
  • PlotPullsAndImpacts
  • PlotGoodnessOfFit

No priority at all to merge

Useful for

  • developing analyses that still do not have all necessary signals to use the physics model
  • developing production modes, for which a model is still being developed
  • resonant (pulls and GOF)

Related with issue 37

Edited by Alexandra Carvalho Antunes De Oliveira

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