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HHH nonresonant model

Work with @mazumdar @mukherje (I did not find Aravind to tag now)

Developments to come:

  • make model return the formula to inference draw (because of this only likelihood scans are working now)

  • implement reset_pois and get_formulae to have the samples list to check (if necessary)

    • By now @tolange will implement a hot fix of skip samples checking
  • add kt in description (might need more signal samples)

  • retest the basis stability

  • integration with HH model, can be already with the kl-kt-c2 one for definitiveness

    • be sure that c3 = kl without any factors floating
  • integration with HH modelling

  • implement r_hhh in position to r = that would be the sum of HHH + HH GGF + (VBF HH ?)

  • integration H BR scaling

  • integration with single H scaling (placeholder for when we add kt to modeling to HHH part)

As soon as the hotfix and the upper limits are working I will mark as ready to PR even if not all expected features are finished

Ps.: pipelines will always fail for comas and spaces, I would not spend time on this up to very end

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