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Move to use token, instead of api

Rongkun Wang requested to merge rowang/indicomb:master into master

Since indico api is outdated, Screenshot_2023-01-13_at_18.05.55.

I migrated it to indico token. However I'm not sure if other auxiliary functionalities was affected. Since I only needed the main functionality, and they're working. I thought it could be useful, but let me know otherwise.

Here are some features:

  • the input argument --API_TOKEN(unused in master), takes the string generated at /tokens/ webpage: (available only when a token is generated)
    • No secret key is needed for token.
  • I couldn't open the iCalendar when I'm using token. This would need additional work so I didn't progress much on it..
  • I also start to use acron instead of acrontab, I added something in the readme.
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