[cern] Add ignition_version label

Spyridon Trigazis requested to merge ignition-kernel-args into cern/train

FCOS 34 enables cgroupsv2 by default and comes with an updated ingition that supports kernelArguments. https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-docs/blob/main/modules/ROOT/pages/kernel-args.adoc

Added in igntion 2.10.x https://github.com/coreos/ignition/releases/tag/v2.10.1

Add a label to set the igntion payload version.

  • 3.3.0-experimental for FCOS34
  • 3.0.0 for FCOS31
    • We will see a warning with ignition ignoring the kernelArguments section.

Change-Id: I49257389ca19bf40de9231cc98e3503b8c9bd7ea Signed-off-by: Spyros Trigazis spyridon.trigazis@cern.ch

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