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[cern] Upgrade to Fedora Atomic 25


Image contains: kubernetes-1.4.7-1.fc25.x86_64 docker-1.12.5-4.git03508cc.fc25.x86_64 flannel-0.5.5-8.fc25.x86_64 etcd-3.0.15-1.fc25.x86_64

  • For this upgrade the upstream image is used, which is uploaded here [1].
  • Minor changes for flannel and docker-storage-setup were needed.
  • The image will be built in the CI and uploaded to as soon as possible.


Change-Id: Iac6e30c530821a49a5c3978e335e0b1d56a576e0

Conflicts: magnum/drivers/common/templates/fragments/ magnum/drivers/common/templates/kubernetes/fragments/ magnum/drivers/k8s_fedora_atomic_v1/ magnum/drivers/swarm_fedora_atomic_v1/ magnum/tests/contrib/

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