[cern] Fix DCOS

Spyridon Trigazis requested to merge dcos-queens into cern-queens

Queens-Ticket: OS-6238

  • DCOS and mesos have the same validation methods but in out cherry-pick it was skipped.
  • drop all neutron objects, replace _ with - in nova nodes, add cern-services false to instance metadata, replace first_address with resources.0.dcos_master_external_ip in dcoscluster apiaddress output.
  • Add missing init.py
  • Add missing monitor.py
  • fix import in template_def
  • add argument in get_env_files
  • fix template output

This commit is these two [0][1] commits squashed. [0] https://gitlab.cern.ch/cloud-infrastructure/magnum/commit/cfc747d311f8639c9690376ab386fb7b644f4c42 [1] https://gitlab.cern.ch/cloud-infrastructure/magnum/commit/3d75a723b219ca84ecde8d347c8708d8566053a5

Signed-off-by: Spyros Trigazis spyridon.trigazis@cern.ch

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