Commit a68c8b58 authored by Andrea Valassi's avatar Andrea Valassi Committed by cdelort
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Add a comment on CORALCOOL-2536

git-svn-id: 4525493e-7705-40b1-a816-d608a930855b
parent 15c0ee1d
......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
// Explicitly disable COOL4xx extensions (do not allow -D to enable them)
#undef COOL400TX // API changes to expose transactions (CORALCOOL-2707)
#undef COOL400CPP11ENUM // API changes for c++11 enum class (CORALCOOL-2233)
#undef COOL400TX // API exposing transactions (CORALCOOL-2707, CORALCOOL-2536)
#undef COOL400CPP11ENUM // API with c++11 enum class (CORALCOOL-2233)
// This switch is no longer needed in trunk (CORALCOOL-1111, CORALCOOL-2943)
//#define COOL300 1 // COOL 3.0 or higher (COOL 2.x is no longer supported!)
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