Commit d36f9a40 authored by Fabrizio Furano's avatar Fabrizio Furano
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Merge branch 'migrate-fix-spacetoken-size' into 'develop'

Migrate fix spacetoken size

See merge request !89
parents daf7c298 71c759e0
......@@ -612,7 +612,7 @@ class InitCommand(ShellCommand):
self.interpreter.API_VERSION = pydmlite.API_VERSION
if not self.interpreter.quietMode:
self.ok('DMLite shell v1.13.0 (using DMLite API v' + str(self.interpreter.API_VERSION) + ')')
self.ok('DMLite shell v1.15.2 (using DMLite API v' + str(self.interpreter.API_VERSION) + ')')
except Exception as e:
return self.error('Could not import the Python module pydmlite.\nThus, no bindings for the DMLite library are available.')
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