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Draft: Changes to VELO tank and upstream for Run 3

Elena Dall'Occo requested to merge upgrade/edallocc_upstreamUVP into upgrade/master

Removed BLS and GValve, added elliptical head of the velo with flanges, added vacuum infrastructure, manifold and pump, moved PipeJunction from BeforeMagnet to VP, extended a little bit VP region into BeforeVelo.

Tested for overlap dumping the DDDB to GDML, reading into ROOT and using the ROOT geometry tools: VP seems to be extruded by VacTank.

Tested with Gauss_v55r1: minor changes needed to Sim/Gauss/options/ and Sim/Gauss/python/Gauss/ due to the change in the location of the PipeJunctionBeforeVelo.

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