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Temporarily disable Moore_spruce_bandwidth

Ross John Hunter requested to merge disable-Moore_spruce_bandwidth into master

Moore_spruce_bandwidth runs on a fixed, hand-made HLT2 output file. The other sprucing bandwidth tests have their inputs refreshed every successful lhcb-master Moore_hlt2_bandwidth at worst - at best it is refreshed by a HLT2 test immediately before.

Disabled for 3 reasons:

  • It will unblock lhcb/Moore!3277 (merged)
  • People getting confused (rightly so) at the difference between Moore_spruce_bandwidth and Moore_spruce_latest_bandwidth,
  • It also keeps hitting issues such as: someone updates their HLT2 lines to save extra raw banks, or change name etc.. and the sprucing lines they have to fire on them will no longer work in Moore_spruce_bandwidth because HLT2 there is too old.

There are also pros to the test. Will come back to this and potentially re-enable or fully retire later on.

Edited by Ross John Hunter

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