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Add a RateTestHandler to analyse Moore rate tests

Shunan Zhang requested to merge shunan-rate-test-handler into master

This handler is designed to automatically analyse the results of Moore output when a ci-test is triggered in a MR.

The primary goal is to produce some plots of the overall rates or lines, like hist_rate.pdf and lines_per_wg.pdf.

Work towards DPA task

Run the local test:

./run python -m pytest --log-cli-level=DEBUG tests/


Functionalities of the handler

  • Parse the output log file and obtain rates of each line
  • Plot the distribution of rates
  • Plot the number of lines per WG
  • Compare the rates with those in master
  • Post the results somewhere on lhcb-nightlies webpage
  • Post some message on the GitLab MR
  • Read event sizes and make plots/tables

Future thoughts

  • More functionalities will be added into this handler, better to put analysing code somewhere outside the handler?
  • To plot the number of lines per WG, line name needs to follow the convention Hlt2/Spruce{WG}_XXX, may need unify this as soon as possible.

needed by LHCbNightlyConf!798 (merged).

cc @rmatev @abertoli

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