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[RTADPA BW TESTS] Upload the `hlt2_bw_testing__production.tck.json` for nominal hlt2 BW test to access later

Luke Grazette requested to merge lugrazet-BW-hlt2-upload-tck into master

For running sprucing on the output of the Hlt2 BW test, (wanted for the Hlt2->Sprucing chained test and the Sprucing that uses a previous Hlt2 BW output as input), we require the tck.json to be uploaded.

The Hlt2 jobs already output the manifest file, so we don't require any changes in Moore nor LHCbPR to upload. The changes necessary to get the BW test jobs to use them will be added later when adding the tests.


  • Verify this is the file we actually want to be uploading
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