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BandwidthTestHandler: make sure the comparison page tells you it failed if it cant find the reference

Ross John Hunter requested to merge bwtesthandler-catch-more-comp-failures into master

Addresses lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig#21 (closed) (which probably should've been an issue in this project not there, but oh well)

In cases where the reference build failed, the function make_comparison_page won't find anything to which it can compare to. Currently, you then get an empty page, but a message saying that the page built correctly. This MR adds a couple of extra catches to make sure that that message says that there was an issue.

Tested locally by pointing the ref directory at an empty directory - I observe that we get the right exceptions and the correct message in the html:

[rjhunter@lxplus923 LHCbPR2HD]$ more spruce__wg__comparisons.html 

            Comparison between lhcb-2024-patches.18 and lhcb-2024-patches-mr.204 under different streaming configurations
        <p style="color:red">
            <b>The comparison page failed to build cleanly. Please see warnings in logfile.</b>

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