Fixes to work with Python 3 and to use apptainer to wrap builds

Marco Clemencic requested to merge use-apptainer into master
  • fixes to a number of Python 3 related issues
  • fix to redundant packing of data packages
  • port of some v3.0-patches fixes (!401 (merged), !400 (merged))
  • fix lbn-install issue with . in platform names
  • propagate env_hash environment variable to tests (i.e. prepare to run the scripts from conda environments deployed to /cvmfs, requires nightlies-jenkins-scripts!175 (merged))
  • wrap tests and builds in apptainer containers (instead of relying on the an external docker container, requires nightlies-jenkins-scripts!175 (merged))

Note: supersedes !398 (closed)

Edited by Marco Clemencic

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