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Add support for ARM64 (armv8) architectures

Marco Clemencic requested to merge add-arm-microarch-support into master

This MR extend the architecture matching to distinguish between Intel and ARM CPUs, and introduces detection and compatibilities of a few armv8 variants.

On lbbuildarm00, for example, it gives:

$ lb-describe-platform --flags
LbPlatformUtils version: 4.3.14
dirac_platform: armv8.2_a-el9
host_os: armv8.2_a-el9
host_binary_tag: armv8.2_a-el9-gcc11-opt
os_id: almalinux9
arch: armv8.2_a
model: Neoverse-N1
  - aarch64
  - aes
  - asimd
  - asimddp
  - asimdhp
  - asimdrdm
  - atomics
  - cpuid
  - crc32
  - dcpop
  - evtstrm
  - fp
  - fphp
  - lrcpc
  - pmull
  - sha1
  - sha2
  - ssbs
compatible_binary_tags: []

There are no compatible platforms listed because we do not have ARM EL9 releases yet and we do not have containers images for ARM CentOS7.

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