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Add script for generating release notes draft

Rosen Matev requested to merge rmatev-release-notes into master

A script for generating release notes from MR descriptions. It relies on having both a clone of the repository and access to the GitLab API.


  1. Is LbRelease/scripts the right place?
  • A default .md template lives in LbRelease/data. I've copied the one from Hlt, but I don't mind changing it.
  1. Where should templates live? Probably in ProjectSys/doc and not in LbScripts?
  • The default project template in Project/ReleaseNotes/ will take precedence.
  1. Can we get gitlab and jinja2 without prepending lb-run --ext pytools LCG/latest?
  • gen_release_notes is the wrapper script and the action is in LbRelease/python/LbRelease/
  1. git, git_o and getOutput were copied from git-lb-push, but should probably be shared. How?
  • Separated out these commands in a new module LbRelease/python/LbRelease/

To test:

# Clone and build LbScripts
git clone --recursive ssh://
cd LbScripts
git checkout rmatev-release-notes
cd LbScriptsSys/cmt; cmt br cmt make; cd -
cd LbPlatformUtils/cmt; cmt br cmt make; cd -

# LbLogin
$TMPDIR/LbScripts/InstallArea/scripts/ -m /cvmfs/

git clone ssh://
cd Hlt
gen_release_notes v26r6 v27r0
Edited by Rosen Matev

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