New files for Bu/Bc-> lepton MajoranaNeutrino(->lepton Pi) 3GeV 0/20ps SS/OS

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New DecFiles for Bu/Bc -> lepton(mu/e) MajoranaNeutrino(-> lepton(e/mu) pi) SS and OS The only changes compared to similar older DecFiles, like: Bu_MuMajorana2PiE,m=250MeV,t=100ps,DecProdCut.dec (,m=250MeV,t=100ps,DecProdCut.dec) are mass and life time values of neutrino (3 GeV for all, 0 or 20 ps). Moreover, we consider also SameSign (SS) configuration for the two leptons, not only OppositeSign(OS). New files: 12113074, 12113075, 12113076, 12113077, 12113078, 12113079, 12113080, 12113000, 14113022, 14113023, 14113024, 14113025. @valukash @wouter @slavaduk @piccini

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