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Added file count and file size

Ben Couturier requested to merge add_file_count_size into master

layout to be improved but shows the number of files and the file sizes in the apd-list-samples command:

2012_magup_mc_inclbdshcx v0r0p4666581 files:34 bytes:50.5 GiB | {'config': 'mc', 'polarity': 'magup', 'eventtype': '23903003', 'datatype': '2012', 'version': 'v0r0p4666581', 'name': '2012_magup_mc_inclbdshcx'}
2012_magup_mc_inclbdshcx_ws v0r0p4666581 files:34 bytes:26.5 GiB | {'config': 'mc', 'polarity': 'magup', 'eventtype': '23903003', 'datatype': '2012', 'version': 'v0r0p4666581', 'name': '2012_magup_mc_inclbdshcx_ws'}
2012_magup_mc_bsds3pi v0r0p4666581 files:1 bytes:1.3 GiB | {'config': 'mc', 'polarity': 'magup', 'eventtype': '13266069', 'datatype': '2012', 'version': 'v0r0p4666581', 'name': '2012_magup_mc_bsds3pi'}
2012_magup_mc_bdd3pi v0r0p4666581 files:10 bytes:9.5 GiB | {'config': 'mc', 'polarity': 'magup', 'eventtype': '11266009', 'datatype': '2012', 'version': 'v0r0p4666581', 'name': '2012_magup_mc_bdd3pi'}

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