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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • all-slots
    A merge request with this label is picked up in all nightly builds building the target branch.
  • Changes to backport to the 2023-patches (RTA/2023.12.07) stack
  • Changes to backport to the RTA/2023.08.24 stack used for 2023 HLT2 and 2022 reprocessing, and later the corresponding MC steps
  • MRs needed for running HLT1 and HLT2 on data after May 14
  • Changes that need to be backported to Run 1-2 code (run2-patches branch)
  • bug fix
    release notes classification
  • Build
    Building, e.g. CMake, and testing infrastructure
  • Changes to calibration algorithms
  • Composites
    ProtoParticle- and Particle-related functionality, combiners
  • Conditions
    Conditions framework and access (including geometry, detector description)
  • Python configuration framework (PyConf) and general application configuration
  • Core
    Core components such as scheduler, TCK machinery, SOA infrastructure, etc.
  • Crash
    Segmentation faults, abort during event processing or initialization