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First go at removing Run2 specific code

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_removeRun2Code into master

Here is an attempt to describe what is being dropped. Someone more competent can follow up with issues or re-adding back adapted code where appropriate.

  • Partially removed:
    • ATrackSelector (Alignment/AlignTrTools): remove TT/IT/OT filters
    • AlignSaveTuple and AlignTrackMonitor (Alignment/AlignTrTools): remove TT/IT/OT quantity calculation and saving/histograming
      • These two algorithms seems to share a lot of identical code (some of which is removed here). Some refactoring will be needed to get rid of that duplication.
      • fitTrackPiece is removed, which looks generic and probably usable for Run3
      • boxOverlap is almost generic (except for a bit of ST knowledge), so it can probably be reused
    • GetElementsToBeAligned (Alignment/TAlignment): remove Run 1-2 detectors
    • VAlign (Alignment/VeloAlignment): remove counting of number of R/Phi hits per track. Probably to be replaced with VP equivalent.
  • Completely removed:
    • GAlign (Alignment/TAlignment): an unused alignment algorithm?
    • AlRobustAlignAlg (Alignment/TAlignment): used only for magnet off alignment of TT/IT/OT startings from VELO tracks? Creates residual histograms.
      • This seems reasonably generic code that can probably be reused
    • Calibration/OTCalibration package

See Rec!1714 (merged) for some motivation behind this

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