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Alignment modernisation

Wouter Hulsbergen requested to merge alignmentmodernizationMay2020 into master

First (and not final!) step of code modernization and cleanup:

  • partial fix for #2: replaced private definition of matrix (AlMat) and vector (AlVec) by types from Eigen. Did not (yet) do this for the symmetric matrix (AlSymMat) as we rely heavily on it being symmetric and no drop-in replacement in Eigen exists. Removed dependence on LAPACK.
  • sanitized subset of the solver tools. Changed default tool by one based on Eigen.
  • added a script to run a set of solver tools on the same input data to allow for a comparison. Founds a bug in the Eigen and Gsl solver tools in doing so
  • modernized the tools in TAlignment and AlignSolvTools to use 'extends' and Gaudi::Property
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