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next step in supporting DD4hep in Alignment

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_DD4hepAlignSupport into master

DD4Hep alignment now runs properly, although the results are not yet in line with DetDesc, so there are still fixes to come.

On the DetDesc side, the reset of the geometry between to rounds of alignment has been fixed. It had been broken for some time, when adapting the reset to DD4hep. This will thus change the output and the ref file needs adaptation, as it had been happily aligned with the current wrong output !

Depends on LHCb!2949 (merged), Detector!75 (merged), Rec!2359 (merged), Phys!883 (merged), Detector!84 (merged), LHCb!2998 (merged), Rec!2396 (merged)

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