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Prototype of new alignment configuration

Florian Reiss requested to merge pyconf into master


This MR contains a prototype for configuring alignment jobs using a Moore-like configuration. Its main purpose is documenting the work done during past hackathons and to serve as basis for the next steps. It includes track and vertex selections, adding constraints and defining the elements to be aligned. The fundamental change is making the Alignment project depend on Moore instead of Phys.

Some documentation how to use the new configuration is provided in Alignment/Humboldt/

Next steps and open points are summarised in #17 and #20


The configurations added are

Alignment/Humboldt/options/ #example Velo alignment job
Alignment/Humboldt/options/ #example Velo job using PrKalman (see #16)
Alignment/Humboldt/options/ #example SciFi job
Alignment/Humboldt/options/ #run analyser part of example alignment job
Alignment/Humboldt/options/ #run iterator part of example alignment job

Helper functions to set up new configuration are in Alignment/Humboldt/python/Humboldt/

Central track and particle selections are started to be defined in


New functionality (WIP)

  • add AlignIterator taking parts from OnlineAlignment to perform iterator part offline


  • add Alignment/Humboldt/tests/qmtest/humboldt.qms/align-vp-halves-modules.qmt to test new configuration
  • add Alignment/Humboldt/tests/qmtest/humboldt.qms/analyzer-vp-halves-modules.qmt to test Analyzer part
  • add Alignment/Humboldt/tests/qmtest/humboldt.qms/iterator-vp-halves-modules.qmt to test Iterator part
  • add Alignment/Humboldt/tests/qmtest/humboldt.qms/align-vp-halves-modules-splititer.qmt to test (WIP)

Uses Rec!2495 (merged)

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