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start with Online alignment in ECS

Florian Reiss requested to merge freiss_AligmentOnline into master


  • modify Analzyer and Iterator options files to run in ECS
  • add AlignmentOnlineIterator.cpp
  • update name of VELO in reference file for alignment constants
  • options for SciFi Analyzer (thanks to @shollitt )


  • add and for offline testing
  • use gaudirun for OfflineAnalyzer


  • AlignAlgorithmBase
    • small fix to update convergencestatus
    • call clearEquationsAndReloadGeometry() at beginning of each iteration after first one
  • make UpdateTool public by default

cc @frankm @rmatev @jbaptist @sborghi @bimitres

should go with MooreOnline!80 (merged)

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