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Working Alignment with DD4hep

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_freiss_dd4hep into master

Add missing parts to be able to run alignment with DD4hep. This also changes a bit how constants are loaded and written

  • adapt gaudiiter and gaudisplititer for DD4hep
  • adapt naming for VP alignables and constraints to DD4hep
  • add script gaudiupdate for running Iterator with DD4hep
  • add alignment_tracking to define common reconstruction
  • added reference files to tests
  • undo templating of AlignAlgorithm


  • disable Escher test for DD4hep

This needs: LHCb!3891 (merged) Rec!3192 (merged) Detector!325 (merged)

Edited by Wouter Hulsbergen

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