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Update SciFi alignment with DD4Hep

Biljana Mitreska requested to merge bimitres-scifi-alignment into master

This merge request adds the following changes for the SciFi alignment:

  • Options file for data that works with the latest DD4Hep developments
  • Fix for the failing tests because of the change of DD4Hep
  • Introducing a test for the SciFi halfalyers (these are new elements added only in DD4Hep) -> with the new alignables this is added anyway so no need for a separate test, we are testing this through the modules
  • Adding a central function for creating track and particle selection
  • Change D0 particle selection to resemble the HLT2
  • Adding another set of alignables that will use the newly introduced halflayers from Detector!363 (merged)
  • Add new survey conditions

FYI: @shollitt and @gtuci

Edited by Biljana Mitreska

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