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Add missing include of RooFitResult

Marco Clemencic requested to merge fix-header-build into master

With ROOT 6.30 we need an extra include to be able to compile TVerticalAlignment/Structs.h by itself, otherwise we get the error:

In file included from /cvmfs/,
                 from /cvmfs/,
                 from /cvmfs/,
                 from /cvmfs/,
                 from /cvmfs/,
                 from /cvmfs/,
                 from ../Alignment/TVerticalAlignment/include/TVerticalAlignment/Structs.h:13,
                 from Alignment/TVerticalAlignment/headers_build_test/TVerticalAlignment/Structs.h.cpp:1:
/cvmfs/ In instantiation of 'void std::default_delete<_Tp>::operator()(_Tp*) const [with _Tp = RooFitResult]':
/cvmfs/   required from 'std::unique_ptr<_Tp, _Dp>::~unique_ptr() [with _Tp = RooFitResult; _Dp = std::default_delete<RooFitResult>]'
/cvmfs/   required from 'RooFitResult* RooAbsPdf::fitTo(RooAbsData&, const CmdArgs_t& ...) [with CmdArgs_t = {RooCmdArg, RooCmdArg, RooCmdArg}; RooFit::OwningPtr<RooFitResult> = RooFitResult*]'
../Alignment/TVerticalAlignment/include/TVerticalAlignment/Structs.h:90:15:   required from here
/cvmfs/ error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'RooFitResult'
   93 |         static_assert(sizeof(_Tp)>0,
      |                       ^~~~~~~~~~~

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