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Tae Trigger

Roel Aaij requested to merge tae_trigger into master

As requested by the Velo group to be able to pass through TAE events in the middle of normal data taking.

Allen supports two ways of outputting events that are inside a TAE window selected by ODIN. Events can be output either as individual events or as a proper TAE event as used in Run II. The most important consideration is to avoid duplicate events being output, thus only one of these modes can be enabled.

The capability to read decode TAE events into multiple TES locations - prefixed with repetitions of "/Next" or "/Prev" as needed - was removed from the code in LHCb!331 (merged), and instead only the central event is put into the TES. That functionality has be be readded before proper TAE output is useful again in any kind of job.

Tests of TAE format have been implemented in MooreOnline!200 (merged)

FYI: @mfontana @falessio @cocov

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