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Allen RICH decoding

Daniel Campora Perez requested to merge cnca_rich_decoding into master

This MR introduces RICH decoding, concretely producing RichSmartIDs from RICH1 and RICH2 raw banks.

  • Created algorithm rich_decoding_t, which performs the decoding by calculating the number of hits, prefix sum and finally decoding the hits.
  • Added simplified copies of RichSmartID, PackedFrameSizes, Tel40CableMapping and PDMDBDecodeMapping adjusted to the requirements of GPU computing, namely no dynamic memory allocation, no std::string elements and __host__ __device__ attributes.
  • Created Allen::RawEvent and Allen::RawBank which replace CaloRawEvent and CaloRawBank. Ideally this should be used in other subdetectors as well due to the raw bank format being mostly identical.
  • Added configurations rich and hlt1_pp_rich_no_ut.
  • Added throughput test of hlt1_pp_rich_no_ut.
  • Added two geometry files corresponding to Tel40CableMapping and PDMDBDecodeMapping, alongside constants and the necessary scaffolding.

Goes with LHCb!4001 (merged) and Moore!2171 (merged)

Done in collaboration with @caschbur .

Edited by Daniel Campora Perez

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