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Draft: Update selection of inclusive Lambda LL line

Marian Stahl requested to merge mstahl_l2ppi into master

Sits on top of !1208 (merged) and !1210 (merged)

  • increases efficiency with lowering pT selection, and dedicated selection in FilterTracks
  • try to keep combinatorics for SV fit low by combining proton and pion selections in FilterTracks
  • dedicated fitter for lambda in anticipation of an inclusive detached Lambda and Xi/Omega lines.
  • loosen chi2/ndf requirement for hadrons from 2.5 to 10, tighten it for leptons from 100 to 10 (needs to be discussed, who decides this?)

Inclusive Rate on MinBias for BW division using hlt1_pp_forward_then_matching_no_ut_no_gec (as most pions from Lambda come from matching):

Hlt1L02PPi:                                           769/161173, (  143.14 +/-     5.15) kHz

Mass peak from simulation (min bias, as well as a cocktail of signal samples) BWDIV minbias BWDIV signal cocktail

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