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Addition of a line algorithm for PLUME activity

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Key component of #437 (closed)


This MR creates a new line algorithm for selecting events based on PLUME activity. The new algorithm is named plume_activity_line_t.

The implementation counts the number of PLUME ADC counts in an event that are at least as large as a configurable threshold. If the number of PLUME ADCs over that threshold is great or equal to a configurable minimum, then the event is accepted.

A new maker for lines of this type is added to An instance of the new line type is added to the set of lines returned by HLT1.default_bgi_activity_lines().

Implementation of plume_activity_line_t

This implementation of plume_activity_line_t is an EventLine.


In addition to the standard input required for an EventLine, plume_activity_line_t requires the following device input:

  • dev_plume_t: the decoded PLUME data


In addition to the standard properties provided by an EventLine, plume_activity_line_t has the following configurable properties:

  • plume_channel_mask: type uint64_t: a bitset that defines which of the 64 PLUME FEB channels will be used/allowed in the trigger decision. Defaults to 0x003FFFFF003FFFFF (channels [0, 21] and [32, 53]).
  • min_plume_adc: type unsigned: the threshold for ADC counts. In order to contribute to a positive trigger decision, a PLUME channel must have an ADC count >= min_plume_adc.
  • min_number_plume_adcs_over_min: type unsigned: the threshold for the number of used/allowed channels with ADC counts over threshold. An event is accepted if the number of channels that are allowed by plume_channel_mask and that have ADC counts >= min_plume_adc is >= min_number_plume_adcs_over_min

How it works

plume_activity_line_t implements the following required class methods:

  • plume_activity_line_t::get_input()
  • plume_activity_line_t::select()

plume_activity_line_t::get_input() analyzes the PLUME ADC counts and returns a 64-bit bitset that indicates which of the channels have ADC counts >= min_plume_adc.

plume_activity_line_t::select() performs a bitwise & of the plume_channel_mask and the over-threshold-bitset returned by plume_activity_line_t::get_input() to get a bitset of used/allowed channels that are over threshold. It counts the number of set bits with a while loop that should emulate a popcount. The decision returned by select() is true iff this number is >= min_number_plume_adcs_over_min.

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