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Tune LambdaLLDetachedTrack and XiOmegaLLL lines

Marian Stahl requested to merge mstahl_hyperon_tuning into 2024-patches

Tighten hyperon lines based on 2024 data.

Measured rates with /eos/lhcb/wg/rta/WP3/bandwidth_division/Beam6800GeV-expected-2024-MagDown-nu7.6/30000000/ using the hlt1_pp_matching sequence

Hlt1LambdaLLDetachedTrack:                         59/582971, (    3.04 +/-     0.40) kHz
Hlt1XiOmegaLLL:                                    54/582971, (    2.78 +/-     0.38) kHz
  • Fixes monitoring and tupling of these lines.
  • Adds track IPCHI2 cut to Hlt1XiOmegaLLL.
  • Changes logic of Hlt1XiOmegaLLL: Similar to LambdaLLDetachedTrack, a displaced track is combined with the Xi/Omega candidate. This is necessary because there had been a too tight cut (MINIP of pi/K from Xi/Omega greater than 600 microns rather than 60).
  • Add pT cut to slow pion of Dstar line.
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