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UT subsector bit handling

Da Yu Tou requested to merge dtou_add_ut_subsector_id_handling into dtou_ut_clustering

The 9th bit of UT channelID determines its subsector (a sector can have 2 subsector). However, UT stripID can range from [0, 511] within a sector, so stripID will use 9 bits. When calculating UT LHCbID, it is

unsigned LHCbID = channelID + stripID;

but when stripID is between [256, 511], both the subsector bit (9th bit) in channelID and the 9th bit in stripID will be redundantly set to 1. This will cause LHCbID to be off by 256. The fix to this is to mask the last 9 bits of UT channelID (this is what Rec does, so I implemented this to be consistent in Allen).

The equivalent MR for HLT2 is Rec!3880 (merged).

Edited by Da Yu Tou

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