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Kate Abigail Richardson requested to merge dimuonnoip into master

Reproducing the HLT1 Run 2 DiMuonNoIP line for Allen. The monitoring follows the same naming structure as in !728 (closed). The current selections are:

  • track PT product > 1000000
  • track P > 5000
  • doca < 0.1
  • track chi2/dof < 3
  • vertex chi2/dof < 9

The line has a rate of approximately 586 kHz on the MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia8/Sim10-Up08/Digi15-Up04/30000000/DIGI minbias sample. It has an efficiency of approximately 55% tested with a Bd_JpsiKst sample.

Edit 19 March: We added a cut on vertex PT > 1 GeV and increased the cut on PT product to 2 GeV^2. The new rate is approximately 270 kHz with an exclusive rate of 177 kHz.

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