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Early Measurement HLT1 TwoTrack line for (low PT) Charm Hadron Cross Section

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For charm production cross section early measurement we'd like to trigger on charm hadrons over the whole kinematic range. Therefore a new HLT1 line is added that aims at triggering on two track combinations that come from decays of D0, D(s)+, Lbc, Xic+ and Xic0. The selection uses the same neural network as the TwoTrackMVA line in inclusive_hadrons but does not apply cuts that affect the kinematic range (like SVPt, SV corrected mass, SV pseudorapidity). Instead a loose preselection taylored to the invariant mass range of the charm hadrons we are interested in is applied. The default cut on the MVA response in the inclusive TwoTrackMVA removes all low PT charm hadron candidates. Therefore, at low PT the cut is loosened.

Tests using MooreAnalysis suggest that this triggers on 13% of minbias events.

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