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Decoding FT v7 in Allen and fixes to CPU v7

Louis Henry requested to merge tmp-lohenry-ftv7-allen into master

Requires LHCb!3572 (merged) and Detector!202 (merged)

  • Implements scifi v7 decoding in Allen.
  • Changes the format of previous scifi geometries, including the geometry version. Hence, all previously dumped geometry versions of Allen become incompatible, and new binary files are required.
  • Implements fixes in LHCb where the bank reordering between A side and C side was not properly implemented and led to a crash in Boole. This is now corrected.
  • Implements several safeguards to reduce seg faults in case the link map is wrong (this is still not 100% done)
    • Related: hardcoded station-1 statements spell difficult-to-debug disaster when an invalid channel is encountered. In general the station = [1,2,3] and station = [0,1,2] conventions need to be spelled out much better.
    • This will be for @jheuel MR on expliciting our conventions
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