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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • Enables the AllenInMoore_hlt1_bandwidth LHCbPR test
  • adding this label will trigger a more complete set of throughput tests on the merge request
  • Highest priority
  • Lowest priority
  • Medium priority
  • Enables the Moore_hlt2_and_spruce_bandwidth LHCbPR test
  • Enables the Moore_hlt2_bandwidth LHCbPR test
  • Enables the Moore_spruce_bandwidth LHCbPR test
  • Enables the Moore_spruce_latest_bandwidth LHCbPR test
  • Related to developments for the study of strange decays
  • This MR contains reference updates
  • Release
    LHCb / Analysis
  • RTA
    MRs managed by RTA shifters and maintainers
  • rta-hotfix
    MR which is applied as a hotfix in a production installation of HLT 1/2 or RecoMon
  • RTA operational issues (piquets)
  • Label for the biweekly RTA Shift Summary