TOS match on track-by-track basis in MCTupleToolTOS

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As described in the doc-string of MCTupleToolTOSBase (which matches the trigger candidate to the true MC signal candidate in the event to give a TOS-like efficiency), the matching algorithm we use for TOS efficiencies in HltEfficiencyChecker will break down when it has to handle 3 or 4 track candidates (more specifically it will overestimate). This is expanded upon in the associated vCHEP paper (linked in the doc string). Therefore for HltEfficiencyChecker to give TOS-like efficiencies for any HLT2 line, this envisaged breakdown needs to be fixed.

In this MR I re-write the matching as suggested by the paper: we make sure every track in a candidate matches a track in the MC signal candidate, rather than calculating an average match with all the LHCbIDs of the entire candidate in one container. This should then make the algorithm able to match effectively a candidate of any number of tracks.

With 1 and 2-track lines, I've observed no change in the performance of the algorithm in terms of the TOS efficiencies it gives on B_s \to J/\psi \phi, which is expected.

After !808 (merged), this can now be tested & validated on HLT2 3- and 4-track lines.


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Needed for reliable TOS HLT2 efficiencies in the detector construction paper.

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